Best Days and Times to Post

Best Days and Times to Post on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for Small Businesses In the vast world of digital marketing, timing is everything. As a small business owner or manager, leveraging social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn can significantly boost your brand’s visibility and engagement. However, understanding the optimal times to post on each platform is crucial for reaching your target audience effectively.  Instagram: Captivating the Visual Audience Instagram is the go-to platform for visual storytelling, making it a powerful tool for small businesses looking to showcase their products or services.  To maximize your impact on Instagram, … Continue reading Best Days and Times to Post

Your Small Business Holiday Marketing Plan for 2023-24

The holiday season is a crucial time for small businesses to boost sales and connect with their audience. To help you prepare for the November and December holiday period in 2023-2024, we’ve prepared a list of Holiday Marketing Tips. Start early to stay ahead of the competition and maximize your marketing efforts with this Small Business Holiday Marketing Plan for 2023-24. Mark Your Calendar with Important Dates. To kickstart your holiday marketing plan, make sure to highlight these critical dates for 2023-2024: Thanksgiving: Thursday, November 23, 2023 Black Friday: November 24, 2023 Small Business Saturday: November 25, 2023 Cyber Monday: … Continue reading Your Small Business Holiday Marketing Plan for 2023-24

Supercharge Your Small Business Growth

Supercharge Your Small Business Growth with Social Media Marketing In today’s hyper-connected world, leveraging the power of social media can be a game-changer for small businesses looking to thrive in competitive markets. As a digital marketing agency, we understand small business owners’ challenges in striving to make their mark in the digital landscape. Read further how to supercharge your small business growth and see your sales volume gain new heights. Social media platforms offer a cost-effective way to reach your target audience, build brand awareness, and engage potential customers. To unlock the full potential of social media marketing, here are … Continue reading Supercharge Your Small Business Growth

Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm, Be Consistent

Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses: Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm, Be Consistent! Hey there, fellow small business owners! Social media marketing is the holy grail of modern-day advertising. We all know it’s crucial for our businesses, like the air we breathe. But let’s be honest; managing your social media presence can sometimes feel like walking a tightrope with a leaky umbrella. So, grab your coffee, and let’s dive into the wild world of small business social media marketing – with a tone as dry as Larry David’s humor! Organic Posting: The Bread and Butter of Social Media Marketing: Are you … Continue reading Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm, Be Consistent

Boost Your Local SEO with Google My Business: The Ultimate Guide

Are you a small business owner looking to boost your local SEO? Look no further than Google My Business (GMB), one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Here is The Ultimate Guide of how to Boost Your Local SEO with Google My Business Why is GMB is so essential for small businesses? How you can use it to improve your online visibility and attract more customers? Why Google My Business Matters for Local SEO First, let’s talk about why GMB is such an important tool for small businesses. Here are just a few of the key benefits: Increased … Continue reading Boost Your Local SEO with Google My Business: The Ultimate Guide

How to Start: Marketing for Small Businesses

As a small business just starting out, it’s important to make sure you are easily discoverable by potential customers. One of the most important ways to do this is through search engine optimization (SEO), which involves optimizing your website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This blog post will outline some essential steps you can take to get found on Google and other search engines like Bing and Duck, Duck, Go. How to Start: Marketing for Small Businesses Research relevant keywords The first step to optimizing your website for search engines is researching relevant keywords. People use … Continue reading How to Start: Marketing for Small Businesses

Why Every Business Needs Social Media Marketing

Why Every Business Needs Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is essential for small businesses, even if they don’t have the time to put into it because they are busy running their business. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and many others offer small businesses the opportunity to reach a wide audience with minimal effort and cost. One of the main benefits of social media marketing is increased brand awareness. By having a presence on social media, small businesses can introduce themselves to a large number of potential customers. It would reach those who may not have … Continue reading Why Every Business Needs Social Media Marketing

How do I start social media marketing for my small business?

So you opened up your business and how you have to figure out How do I start social media marketing for my small business? To start social media marketing for your small business, the first step is to create accounts on the social media platforms that are most relevant to your business. This could include platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. Once you have created your accounts, the next step is to find your target audience. Find your audience by making connections with individuals and businesses who fit your ‘ideal customer’ demographics. Then you can start posting … Continue reading How do I start social media marketing for my small business?

Best Practices for Email Marketing

Marketing emails are a great way to reach out to potential customers and promote your products or services. To ensure that your marketing emails are effective, there are a few best practices that you should follow. First, make sure that your subject line is clear, concise, and attention-grabbing. Your subject line is the first thing that people will see, and it needs to grab their attention and make them want to open your email. Next, keep your email content focused and to the point. Avoid including too much information or going off on tangents, as this can make your email … Continue reading Best Practices for Email Marketing

Holiday Marketing Tips

What should your small business do for the holiday season when it comes to promotions and sales? We’ve put together a ‘to do’ list of Holiday Marketing Tips for small business owners.  Start now to get ahead of the holiday rush and make the most impact with your marketing planning. 4 Holiday Marketing Tips  Put aside the important dates including: ~Black Friday November 25th, 2022 ~Small Business Saturday November 26th, 2022 ~Cyber Monday November 28th, 2022 ~Giving Tuesday November 29th, 2022 ~Hanukkah December 18, 2022 ~Christmas December 25, 2022 ~Kwanzaa December 26, 2022 ~New Years Day January 1, 2023 Look ahead … Continue reading Holiday Marketing Tips

#1 Social Media Marketing Tip

What is the #1 social media marketing tip for small businesses? Many small business owners post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media channels.  Typically, using a do-it-yourself approach or outsourcing to a digital marketing agency, a business owner curates and creates content and posts it.  Their reach and click-throughs has positive stats….at least for the time being. What happens when a business owner gets too busy, or they have to take a break because the digital marketing agency is too expensive? Or when social media becomes less important to focus on, in their opinion? You guessed it.  Marketing … Continue reading #1 Social Media Marketing Tip

Why you need Social Media Marketing

Since I published my first website in 2009, the digital marketing landscape has changed significantly. Every day it seems there are shifts in the services and features provided by Google, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. As a digital marketing consultant, a lot of my time is spent staying abreast of these changes so that YOU, my client or prospective client, can get a wide breadth of information and recommendations from me. This knowledge base is what helps me help your small business succeed on the web. Let’s discuss 4 areas which will help you effectively promote your … Continue reading Why you need Social Media Marketing

Website Essentials for Small Businesses in 2022

Here are some steps I’ve outlined for you as checkpoints along the way of website development. Following that, I’ve compiled a to-do list of what needs to happen once the website is completed.

What to post on social media

Running out of ideas what to post on social media? Is your small business too busy to think about content marketing? High Key Impact Digital Marketing Consulting has you covered with this list of 36 ideas inspiring you what to post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, & Twitter. Here’s the list.  Client Testimonials using video or photos.  Have your clients share their story of how they used your products or services and benefited from them. Quote of the Day.  What inspires you to get through the day or what business quote is your daily mantra?  Share it on your social channels. … Continue reading What to post on social media

What’s Your Password?

“What’s your Password?” Here’s how to keep track of passwords on all of your digital marketing and social media accounts. Keeping track of all of your small business digital passwords can be time consuming and confusing. It’s great to know that we have so many ways to access our accounts online. Password authentication technology such as a digital key, fingerprint technology and faces, CAPTCHAS , biometrics, and 2-Factor Authentication) are ideal tools to use. Yet, one of the biggest stumbling blocks I have when onboarding new clients is obtaining correct login information, access to social media accounts, and website information.  … Continue reading What’s Your Password?

Holiday Marketing during Covid 2020

What holiday promotional opportunities are awaiting B2C and B2B business owners and marketing managers? Covid-19 has brought a change into the typical holiday season marketing.  Holiday Marketing during Covid 2020 is going to be tricky.  The same-old may not work for your small business. Find out what adjustments you should make with your small business plans here. From October through January, every small business owner should be anticipating what’s to come.  Obviously holiday sales are on the horizon for retailers, however, many newcomer ecommerce shops and those planning virtual events offer more avenues to spread their holiday cheer. Read the … Continue reading Holiday Marketing during Covid 2020

Small Business Marketing Tips 2020

Small Business Marketing Tips 2020 Do you feel like your small businesses has had the most challenging year ever? We’ve pivoted and adapted our business models, we’ve initiated safety protocols, we’ve tip toed around the political divisiveness, we’ve worked hard to get every single customer, and we’ve given blood, sweat, and tears to keep them loyal to us. Whew.  That’s a lot! Now it’s time to take a breather and re-group. Fall is here, the leaves are changing, and the holiday season is around the corner, a lot sooner than we think.  Your small business digital marketing plans are ready … Continue reading Small Business Marketing Tips 2020

Digital Marketing and Re-Opening Your Business

Is your location re-opened partially or moving towards a ‘yellow’ phase (like where I live in Southeastern PA) after stay at home Covid-19 orders?  What digital marketing messages are you planning to send out upon re-opening your small business? What does your social media and online marketing look like prior to re-opening?  Which social media platforms are you planning to use? Like many other small business owners, there is no playbook for what’s happening right now.  But there is guidance in the form of what’s needed in order to reopen.  Is it going to be business as usual or is your … Continue reading Digital Marketing and Re-Opening Your Business

Small Business Social Media Tips during Covid-19

Everything just changed. The way you do business is different. Your customers are homebound. Shopping in a retail store is non-existent. B2B business meetings are now on video conferencing sites. Service-based businesses are struggling to figure this out. A new normal has emerged, at least for the next several weeks, if not, months. You’re thinking “What’s next? What should I do for my small business?” What’s Next? As a social media marketing consultant, High Key Impact has been on the front lines of small business marketing since Coronavirus and social distancing was uttered out of our mouths. We’re learning as … Continue reading Small Business Social Media Tips during Covid-19

ADA and GDPR Compliant Websites 2019

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), most notable to provide accessibility for all, is in the spotlight recently as many business websites have been sued for non-compliance. Your website is designed but is it also checked for compliance factors for the ADA and with the GDRP? What are the costs of non-compliance? A lawsuit and the associated publicity could cost a brand it’s reputation in a particular industry. Besides the monetary costs of hiring an attorney, website developer and possibly paying extremely high fines, the main cost of non-compliance is alienating part of your website’s audience. The ADA law says … Continue reading ADA and GDPR Compliant Websites 2019

Social Media Content Ideas in 2020

Adding content to your website’s blog or social media channels is an ongoing challenge, especially for a small business.  How much can you toot your own horn without turning off your followers?  There has to be more to write about or post when sharing on your company’s social media sites. Find out how to create engaging posts with these tips about Social Media Content Ideas in 2020. The 80/20 rule applies here.  Post about ‘related’ topics to your business 80% of the time.  Sell your products or services through about 20% or less of your posts. -Our friends at Hubspot … Continue reading Social Media Content Ideas in 2020

How to Stand Out in Social Media Marketing

Cheryl Friedenberg of High Key Impact discusses the best way to stand out in your social media channel posts.  Use video! Talk about your business, talk about your area of expertise, speak about your happy customers, discuss a product or just be your authentic self.  Try it!  Use your phone and purchase an inexpensive tripod.  Then record your video.  Ready?  Go!

Is Your Small Business Ready for SMS Marketing?

Is Your Small Business Ready for SMS Marketing? The average email marketing campaign has a 20% open rate.  How would a 90% + open rate sound?  According to a Dynmark report, SMS texting crushes email open rates at a whopping 98%! While email is a critical communications tool to stay visible in front of your customer base, small businesses should pivot their thinking and open up to SMS marketing. SMS stands for Short Message Service, another word for Text Messaging.  While MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service, or media sharing via text messaging (photos, videos, emojis, bitmojis, etc.). Let’s take this one step further, … Continue reading Is Your Small Business Ready for SMS Marketing?

Your Small Business Holiday Marketing Guide

  As the holiday season approaches, so do the opportunities to ramp up your marketing efforts.  Whether you have a retail location, professional organization or service-oriented small business, the amount of possibilities to get the word out are plentiful this time of year. Here is a list of just a few of the ways to boost your business: *November 25th is American Express Shop Small Business Day. Small business Saturday is a way to put the focus back on small businesses after the big Black Friday retail box store frenzy.  Amex provides digital and print marketing materials to help promote … Continue reading Your Small Business Holiday Marketing Guide

Attention Grabbers: 5 Unique Content Marketing Ideas

5 Unique Content Marketing Ideas One of the biggest ways to make an impact with Digital Marketing posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media sites is with attention grabbing small business posts.  You’ve probably posted handfuls of articles and blogs about the same old topics. These topics can only get recycled a few times until your followers get bored with the same-old, same-old. What should you do if you’re on the hunt for new, refreshing content which will revitalize your social media feeds?  Where should you turn? I’ve compiled a list of 5 ways to jumpstart your … Continue reading Attention Grabbers: 5 Unique Content Marketing Ideas

Digital Marketing Secrets Revealed Part 2

Ready to learn more digital marketing secrets?  To help small business owners become more aware about the opportunities available online, I’ve developed this list, along with the first list published last month entitled:  Digital Marketing Secrets Revealed. By empowering  business owners to take charge of their marketing efforts, my hope is to help them understand the latest tools available. Biz Yelp No small business is immune to online reviews, good or bad.  Your small business is no exception.  Yelp is the ‘go-to’ for online reviews.  Claim your Yelp page by visiting .  They typically offer $300 worth of free ads.  Try it just for … Continue reading Digital Marketing Secrets Revealed Part 2

Digital Marketing Consultant Secrets Revealed

The Ultimate List for Small Business Owners. Digital Marketing Consultant Secrets Revealed! As a small business owner with a website, the ultimate question you should be asking is “What else should I do to get my business found by potential customers?” What do I need in order to get my small business found on the web? There are a plethora of tools available, both free and paid, supporting your marketing efforts online.  However, small businesses may not have the time and manpower to take advantage of these supports. Read the following list of Google tools and supports and find a way … Continue reading Digital Marketing Consultant Secrets Revealed

Need Some Marketing Oomph?

Is your Facebook Page’s reach dwindling? Are your website visits at a standstill?  Trying to come up with the next big marketing push but don’t know what to do? Many marketing gurus look at analytics and algorithms to see what works on a never-ending basis.  And there are some obvious current trends. Where content marketing is King, live video is Master-of-the-Universe! And the  ‘Oomph-iest’ live video tool available is free and easy to use! Facebook Live   You’ve probably tried it a couple times and thought “I hate myself on camera” or “What should I say?”. The idea with Facebook Live is … Continue reading Need Some Marketing Oomph?

Crazy, Hectic and No Time for Marketing!

Small business owners know how overwhelming their operations can be. Perhaps the sales funnel is dry and administrative needs are taking over your  day-to-day functions.  Or clients are in need of a lot of TLC lately and your marketing gets pushed to the wayside.  Is it that your accountant is awaiting your P&L’s to get taxes together? My advice:  Don’t let your marketing blitz fall apart! Here are 5 EASY ways to fill your sales funnel this month: –Send a Quick Email to your clients asking for referrals, testimonials and online reviews. –Hop Onto LinkedIn and Connect to more friends and … Continue reading Crazy, Hectic and No Time for Marketing!

6 Free Ways To Promote Your Small Business

With the opportunity growing daily for small businesses to utilize social media marketing opportunities as a sales tool, many business owners are not taking advantage of the many freebies provided. As small business owners focus on sales, budgets, daily customer deliveries and P&L’s, social media marketing may take a back seat. What are the lesser-known easy-to-use tools to help small businesses grow their online presence?  Here are just a few: Facebook Slideshow Go to your Facebook Business Page, Create a new post and click Share a photo or video.  This drop down menu will show you several options with ‘Create a … Continue reading 6 Free Ways To Promote Your Small Business

Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses to do’s

How does a small business owner begin a social media marketing campaign?  What does it take to do it correctly?   I’ve narrowed this process down to several small steps so that your business can see growth and results within only a few months.  Why not make 2017 the year your business reaches new heights? Start by doing this… Hire a Professional.  Freelancer or Part-Time Employee.  Or perhaps a current employee can build their  resume by learning social media marketing from an expert and taking on this project within your organization. Optimize your Website.  Make sure it is mobile-friendly and has all of … Continue reading Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses to do’s

6 Ways to Send Better Small Business Emails

  Email marketing takes up a lot of time and effort.  Many small businesses either try to do it themselves or hire vendors to help them.  Either way, it’s important for emails to be as effective as possible. Here are 6 tips for small business email marketing newsletters:  Use an email marketing platform such as AWeber, MailChimp or Constant Contact.  These online tools allow you build email lists, create unique newsletters or emails and give you reports and feedback helping you improve your next send. Continue to build your list.  Have an email sign-up landing page on your website, post a … Continue reading 6 Ways to Send Better Small Business Emails

Is September Going To Get Busy?

Are you gearing up for busy season? There are several ways your business should prepare for a Fall marketing blitz! 1.  Video Marketing By using Facebook Live on your Facebook Business Page or Shooting a short message to your customers on your IPad, there are exponential results seen from Video Marketing versus typical channels.  I recently experimented with several clients and Facebook Live–the results were astounding! 2.  Paid Ads Facebook Boosts or a Google Adwords Campaign generate a multitude of viewers to your local or nationally based business.  Each paid platform has specific advantages, however, if your presence on Facebook needs a … Continue reading Is September Going To Get Busy?

4 Ways to Obtain Reviews

  Google search your business name. Try it now. See what comes up? How often do you do this? Now Google your business name and the word ‘reviews’. How does it look now? Hopefully all 5-stars? If not, let’s talk about your next steps to make your online review presence top notch. When a customer is thinking about doing business with you, one of the first things a savvy prospective customer will do is search your online reviews. I do it all of the time when trying to decide between various retailers, services or anyone with whom I’d like to … Continue reading 4 Ways to Obtain Reviews

Small Business Talk: Taking Baby Steps

  A new client I’ve recently acquired is a self-proclaimed ‘old-fashioned’ marketer. His small business promotes itself via print ads, he never really did much email marketing and the idea of a Facebook page is foreign.  This has become a tremendous challenge for me as a social media marketer and I’m embracing this by taking slow simple steps, knowing his business is on-board with the plan. Here is my timeline for easing his business into social media marketing: (Month 1) Create and establish a Facebook page.   The best way for a non-Facebook user to gain a following on Facebook (besides suggesting the page to his email address book) … Continue reading Small Business Talk: Taking Baby Steps

Small Business Tips and Tricks When Posting Online

To the small business owner, the social media world may seem like a simple undertaking.  Post on our Business Facebook page here and there, update my LinkedIn profile and try my hand at Instagram.  Do this and that, read an article here and there and BOOM!—-my business will take off… all because I started a social media presence. You probably realize my point already.  Social Media Marketing is not as easy as it may seem. In order to have your posts seen and heard, first you need a following.  Then your posts need to be engaging. And finally, a call-to-action … Continue reading Small Business Tips and Tricks When Posting Online

Top 3 Marketing Headlines This Week

To keep you up-to-date on the latest digital marketing news for small businesses, take a look at the top 3 marketing headlines this week. New Looks This Week:  The social media world is being changed around forever with 2 very different changes for marketers, businesses and individuals.  First, Instagram changed the design of it’s ever-famous icon to look brighter and bolder.  Second, Twitter is reportedly coming out with new criteria for its 140-character limit, which may exclude links and photos.  Are we saying goodbye to and Google URL shortener? Video is rocking and rolling into more and more mainstream social media posts every day.  Here is a … Continue reading Top 3 Marketing Headlines This Week

10 Marketing Pet Peeves

It’s allergy season and you know what that means. The itching, sneezing and wheezing associated with little annoyances in the air.  The beauty of spring flowers blooming and green plants budding has an ugly side too.  Do you suffer too? Let me tell you something. There are many other frustrations in this world which have the same effect on me as allergies—I’m sure the same for you.   Let’s focus on digital marketing for small business. I’ve conjured up 10 Marketing-Related Annoyances.  Tell me what you think? Infographics with small print, too much information on one sheet and no clear-cut format. … Continue reading 10 Marketing Pet Peeves

What’s the Latest In Social Media Marketing?

Read further for the latest news and helpful digital marketing information geared towards small businesses. What’s the Buzz All About?  Did you hear about National Siblings Day?  Or perhaps you saw all of your friends posting old or new family photos? What a fantastic viral marketing campaign!  Here is the story behind #nationalsiblingday on April 10, 2016. Facebook Post Reach:  From  This article discusses the decline of organic Facebook reach and how businesses are turning to paid boosts, more selective posts and personalized fan marketing in order to stay relevant with their page followers. Customizing Your Facebook Business Page:  … Continue reading What’s the Latest In Social Media Marketing?

Cool Marketing Tips and Tools

Take a look at our weekly roundup of social media ideas to integrate into your small business marketing plans: -Pinterest. Create boards for local neighborhoods or towns in your area and pin photos related to your business to those towns.  Perfect fit for Realtors, Restaurants, Doctors, Dentists, Retail Stores and any local area business. -Instagram. Don’t forget to Geotag your posts when promoting a local business or product.  Read more here about geotagging and how it helps showcase your small business. -Facebook. If you haven’t done so already, post a My Business Story video.  Since it is a Facebook-created post, … Continue reading Cool Marketing Tips and Tools

Lessons From My Mom In The Social Media Marketing World

What kind of social media mistakes do you see happening out there? Are there lessons to learn from what others are doing wrong? What are they? Professional marketers are set apart from the rest of the pack with their insight into what really works for a particular type of business. It takes experience, insights, analytics and foresight as well as a few lessons from the best there is….My Mom! I’ve outlined below a few life lessons from Naomi, my mom (pictured below), and how they relate to digital marketing professionals: Kill Them With Kindness No matter what you post on … Continue reading Lessons From My Mom In The Social Media Marketing World

5 More Strategies To Add To Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is getting all of the buzz in the business and marketing world. We all share a plethora of industry content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as 100’s of other social media sites. The goal here is to share a post on your business page, it gains momentum with comments, likes, shares and points visitors towards your company’s website. Once you gain a website visitor…POOF…there are tools available to turn them into a customer, right? Not exactly. A visitor to your website is delicate like chicken broth or liquid gold and we need to mold that visitor … Continue reading 5 More Strategies To Add To Social Media Marketing

Small Business Owners: All You Need To Do Is Ask

  Over the past several years, our digital marketing brains have been introduced to a new array of tools including a variety of social media platforms, blogs, email marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click and so much more. Everything is now online. Small businesses continue to outsource precious dollars for their online marketing footprint in the hopes of converting website visitors into a precious customer. However, there’s another way to find hot sales leads. What about the ASK? Asking existing customers for referrals, testimonials and reviews is an oldie but a goodie. Here, we have compiled a list of … Continue reading Small Business Owners: All You Need To Do Is Ask

Stop Filling My Feed, Pretty Please

  You all know who I’m talking about. The friend on Facebook with a line of 10 posts in 20 seconds, the Twitter account who never sleeps and Retweets 50 times/minute and the over-sharer with TMI posts on her page 24/7. Overposting is defined in the Urban Dictionary as the following: When an internet user excessively posts or comments on message boards, classified ad sites, or social media, often times with similar or repetitive content. Exceeding a socially acceptable amount of posts, comments, or responses, even if the necessary post limit is not quantifiable. Beating a subject to death online. … Continue reading Stop Filling My Feed, Pretty Please

7 Small Budget Marketing Secrets To Share

Whether you are a start-up, well-established or a business vying to get two steps ahead, there are many organic options available when it comes to getting your name in front of potential customers, some lesser know than others. Having worked with various industries in B2B or B2C, I have found clever, cost-effective strategies to market your business through social media. Influencer Marketing Simply put, Influencer marketing is a way to have others discuss or mention your brand or products. Influencers are well-respected by their audience and give educated recommendations throughout their networks.  For the small budget business owner, this means … Continue reading 7 Small Budget Marketing Secrets To Share

Simple Guide To Video Marketing For Your Small Business

In the world of digital marketing and social media, one word stands out this year with a big punch: VIDEO! There is a lot of apprehension on the part of small business owners when it comes to incorporating a video marketing plan into their posts, blogs, newsletters and online marketing outlets. Fear comes from the vision of high costs, complicated technology and taking up precious time to incorporate a plan. I hope this ‘How-To’ guide will outline the simplest ways to use video, reach more potential customers and make this a painless process financially. Website Take a look at your … Continue reading Simple Guide To Video Marketing For Your Small Business

Mobile-Friendly? Here’s a Test to Check Your Website

  Mobile-Friendly websites are all the talk of town with marketing experts lately. Not only does your website need to be mobile-friendly, statistics show that 51% of digital users are on their mobile devices versus laptops or computers. Google has a test available for your website to check it’s mobile-friendly version. Test it to make sure it meets Google’s parameters. Email marketing also needs to become as mobile as possible.  What’s the point of sending an email newsletter if it cannot be viewed through a smartphone or tablet? Beyond the test, there are many elements to consider on your site … Continue reading Mobile-Friendly? Here’s a Test to Check Your Website

8 Ideas To Include In 2016 Marketing Plans

  Are you off to a busy start for the new year?  Is 2016 going to be your best year ever? We are as optimistic as you.  Let’s make this year ‘the one’ to surpass your business goals. Show your team how you’re going full steam ahead with all of the ideas you have in your head but were too busy to implement or execute last year. But first you need a plan. What should the plan entail? Here are the 8 goals to shoot for and how reach them with the 2016 technology/marketing tools available to you: Increase likes … Continue reading 8 Ideas To Include In 2016 Marketing Plans

The Best Marketing Tip You Will Hear

With my marketing consulting company, High Key Impact, LLC, I am meeting or speaking with new clients on an almost-daily basis. One of the questions which comes up in almost every conversation is about the small business website. The questions I ask myself (and eventually share the answers with my clients) when looking at the website are the following: Is the website easily found? Is it listed towards the top of Google searches? (and I do several searches for various aspects of the business) Is the website mobile-friendly (as we know mobile is where most of our customers will find … Continue reading The Best Marketing Tip You Will Hear

Beginning-of-Month Social Media Checklist

  With the start of each month, your small business marketing plans should gear up with a plan of attack, with a goal of getting noticed and in front of your customers-to-be. The following to-do’s tackle a checklist every business owner should be managing: Newsletter If you send a weekly or monthly newsletter, organize your content now for the following cycle so you don’t get stuck with content or writer’s block. Your newsletter could include topics such as what’s trending on social media in your industry, where you’ve gone out in the field (presentations, business card exchanges, conferences), personal stories … Continue reading Beginning-of-Month Social Media Checklist

10 Steps to a Simple Digital Marketing Plan

For small businesses, keeping up with day-to-day phone calls, sales, orders, problem-solving, staffing issues and everything else coming your way takes up numerous hours per day. Who has the time for social media, website management and email marketing? High Key Impact, LLC has created a ‘Just Enough’ Digital Marketing Plan for small business owners. The idea is to take 10-15 minutes/day and choose 1-2 items below each day to jump start your company’s online footprint. Small business owners can do this in 10 simple steps: Sit quietly and write out 5-10 posts to space out over the next several days. … Continue reading 10 Steps to a Simple Digital Marketing Plan

Are You Happy With Your Website?

Are you happy with your website? Let me start out by saying something you do not want to hear….’I don’t code’. I’m tech-savvy but not in the coding sense. My expertise is all about websites, behind-the-scenes marketing and getting your business name in front of potential customers. As a marketing consultant, I am able to help with the key web-based marketing tasks you need… search engine optimization, blogging, analytics, layouts, getting your website found on Google and so much more.

Helping Small Businesses

Small business owners: Need expert feedback about your current marketing plans? Starting a new venture and want to make an impact?  Interested in learning how to blog and post on social media outlets? Looking for marketing and social media help online? High Key Impact is a marketing consulting firm with over 25 years of experience in the business world. Email us to set up a free marketing consultation: