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Simple Guide To Video Marketing For Your Small Business

In the world of digital marketing and social media, one word stands out this year with a big punch: VIDEO!

There is a lot of apprehension on the part of small business owners when it comes to incorporating a video marketing plan into their posts, blogs, newsletters and online marketing outlets.

Fear comes from the vision of high costs, complicated technology and taking up precious time to incorporate a plan.

I hope this ‘How-To’ guide will outline the simplest ways to use video, reach more potential customers and make this a painless process financially.

  1. Website
    Take a look at your website and see where video would come in handy.
    Does your ‘staff’ page need a little sprucing up, would a 360-degree virtual tour of your facilities be helpful to sell your product or service or do you think a testimonial message from your customers would convert website visitors into customers as well?
    For the staffing page, perhaps a ‘day in the life’ video explaining what goes into your customer service processes is the way to go. Or do you have the knowledge of a feel-good story featuring a customer using your product or service?
    Humor is also a great way to engage viewers. Incorporate goofy office humor into a video giving website visitors a picture into your fun workplace.
  2. Social Media
    Have an interest in engaging customers in a livestream event? Why not try your hand at Periscope, the fastest growing live-streaming video app.
    Or use short customer testimonials to boost your Facebook reach.
    Are you attending a business event, conference or going on a customer visit? Video segments from your day are helpful to show the outside world how involved you are in your field.
    The best social media videos are engaging, quick (under 20-30 seconds) and have a purpose
    (i.e. sign up for a newsletter campaign or like a Facebook page).
  3. Cost Effective
    Video can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. Small businesses typically do not have that type of budget built into their marketing plans.   To cut costs, try to use a college intern majoring in film or even a high school student with filming ambitions. Also, when you are out in the field, use your smart phone to film a customer visit or a business card exchange. Video clips from your phone added to a You Tube account are editable with both text and music and easily shared onto social media accounts.
    Various apps also have video making ability such as Flipagram, Magisto, Hyperlapse from Instagram, Lumify, Splice and more.

The video on your website will need a high quality, well thought-out visual. Professionals who specialize in 360-degree videos or business videos may be worth the investment. Consider your business plans. If you change customer offerings very frequently and feel a video would be outdated within months, the cost may not outweigh the benefits on a small business budget.

The bottom line on Video Marketing is to Do It Now!

-Cheryl Friedenberg
President, High Key Impact LLC