Digital marketing and re-opening your small business

Digital Marketing and Re-Opening Your Business

Is your location re-opened partially or moving towards a ‘yellow’ phase (like where I live in Southeastern PA) after stay at home Covid-19 orders?  What digital marketing messages are you planning to send out upon re-opening your small business? What does your social media and online marketing look like prior to re-opening?  Which social media platforms are you planning to use?

Like many other small business owners, there is no playbook for what’s happening right now.  But there is guidance in the form of what’s needed in order to reopen.  Is it going to be business as usual or is your small business continuing to pivot your service and product offerings?

Before inviting your customers back, here are my recommended digital marketing ‘to-do’s’.

  • Google My Business (GMB)

    Adjust your status if you changed it to temporarily closed.  Take a look at the info you’re providing to customers.  Are you hours updated correctly?  Are you offerings front and center for visitors to see?  If you haven’t posted to GMB in awhile, start now!  Let everyone know what your plans are for re-opening and how you will handle safety precautions.  Add photos of new offerings and what curbside pick up may look like.

  • Website

    If a visitor arrives at your website, is there a clear call to action with current business information?  For example, If you’re a restaurant providing a take-out only format, is the menu front and center on your website?
    Make sure your basic information, product/service offering changes and updated business hours are easy to locate.
    Also, your customers want to know how you’re handling covid19. Create a sub-page or a pop-up box on your website to explain your mask protocols and how many people at-a-time are allowed in your office or shop.  Talk about employee health and temperature checks.
    This is the opportunity to give customers no reason to fear walking into your shop or office.

  • Social Media Posts

    Get back to regular posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and start ramping up your posts with valuable customer information prior to re-opening.  Communicate specifics about your safety plans and what your business will look like to it’s customers/clients. Talk about what has changed and what’s staying the same.
    For example, did you place a plexiglass shield at the cash register?  Are you only accepting credit cards now?  Are your employees practicing social distancing from one another?
    By being as forthcoming and transparent as possible as your followers will appreciate your honesty and integrity. Use photos and videos to show what’s new and different.

  • Emails and Text (SMS or MMS) Messages

    Send messages now.  Get your customers prepared for what your new normal will look like.  Be pro-active and provide a list of FAQ’s in your email.  Encourage calls, emails and pre-orders.  Send photos of your new product offerings. Return to your regularly scheduled marketing messages/emails.  Showcase photos of your employees returning to work.  Optimism and calmness are ideal themes to communicate.  It gives your audience hope and a good feeling about your business.

    Small Businesses will certainly look different for quite a while. By creating a sense of community and building trust in your customers/clients and social media followers, they will continue to support your small business.  Maintain your social media and online digital presence throughout this transitional period.

    We’d love to hear more about your plans for Digital Marketing and Re-Opening Your Business.


    About Cheryl Friedenberg:
    Cheryl Friedenberg is a Marketing Consultant for small-medium size businesses.

    Her 30+ years of experience includes business-to-business sales, sales management, start-ups, websites, digital analytics, organic and paid social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing and publicity.

    As a community volunteer, Cheryl is passionate about helping others and maintains a community service project website for teens nationwide,