Are You Happy With Your Website?

Are you happy with your website?

Let me start out by saying something you do not want to hear….’I don’t code’. I’m tech-savvy but not in the coding sense. My expertise is all about websites, behind-the-scenes marketing and getting your business name in front of potential customers.

As a marketing consultant, I am able to help with the key web-based marketing tasks you need… search engine optimization, blogging, analytics, layouts, getting your website found on Google and so much more.

Do you know what ‘above the fold’ means?
What are your keywords?
Is your bounce rate too high?
Where are your website’s reciprocal links located?

Let me answer those questions for you along with so many others. This will be a learning experience for both of us. I need to learn about your business and all that if offers and you will become my student, grasping how to move your business to a point where you love your website and the new business it brings!