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6 Ways to Send Better Small Business Emails


Email marketing takes up a lot of time and effort.  Many small businesses either try to do it themselves or hire vendors to help them.  Either way, it’s important for emails to be as effective as possible.

Here are 6 tips for small business email marketing newsletters:

  1.  Use an email marketing platform such as AWeber, MailChimp or Constant Contact.  These online tools allow you build email lists, create unique newsletters or emails and give you reports and feedback helping you improve your next send.
  2. Continue to build your list.  Have an email sign-up landing page on your website, post a text to sign-up icon on social media sites and utilize many of the sign-up tools your email marketing platform provides.
  3. Your Subject line should rock!  ABC company newsletter for March, 2016 does not cut it anymore.  As one who is probably inundated with emails, you should realize that standing out in a subject line is critical to get your email opened.  If you are serious about getting  your mail opened, write a subject line such as the following:   ‘especially for you’, ‘welcome to’, ‘don’t buy…until you read this’, ‘how to….’, ‘what if…’, ‘5 experts share their ……’, ‘avoid these’, ‘am I the only one who…’, ’10 hacks to…’.  There are more— but you probably get the idea.
  4. Keep it short and sweet.  Did you ever receive an email where you scrolled down 5 or 6 (or more?!) pages to see all of the content.  Try to keep your content visible within 2 pages.  Three or four main articles along with small snippets of information is typically an ideal.
  5. Use visuals.   Images speak louder than words.  This is truly the case for any online communication today.  Use high resolution photos or  create your own visual through a platform such as
  6. Timing counts!  Your email program may offer suggested times/days to send your email.  Listen to their ideas.  Especially if you are unsure about your audience, let the email marketing manager do the work for you.  Tuesdays, early morning at about 5:30/6:00am is typically suggested on Constant Contact.

Email marketing is a non-negotiable tool to use when you want to keep your brand in front of customers.  In order to send emails with a professional flair, utilize an expert within your business, hire a marketing consultant or outsource a marketing company.  This will give your business the face it needs to show in front of your most valuable asset, the customer!

Cheryl Friedenberg, Marketing Consultant
High Key Impact LLC