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Top 3 Marketing Headlines This Week

To keep you up-to-date on the latest digital marketing news for small businesses, take a look at the top 3 marketing headlines this week.

New Looks This Week:  The social media world is being changed around forever with 2 very different changes for marketers, businesses and individuals.  First, Instagram changed the design of it’s ever-famous icon to look brighter and bolder.  Second, Twitter is reportedly coming out with new criteria for its 140-character limit, which may exclude links and photos.  Are we saying goodbye to and Google URL shortener?

Video is rocking and rolling into more and more mainstream social media posts every day.  Here is a great article how you can DIY video streaming or snippets to show your best face!  Contact us if you would like to test out You Tube’s Directr For Business as it’s an easy way to create high quality video.

Is Email Marketing Dead?  Especially among Generation Z and Millennials, there has been discussion in the marketing world about how these groups do not embrace email.  Well, it’s wrong.  Not only is email marketing thriving among younger audiences, the mobile-version is growing ever-so-strong!  Make sure your email campaigns are mobile-friendly and adaptable to all screens.
Email marketing is alive and kicking!

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