What's the Latest In Social Media Marketing?

What’s the Latest In Social Media Marketing?

Read further for the latest news and helpful digital marketing information geared towards small businesses.

What’s the Buzz All About?  Did you hear about National Siblings Day?  Or perhaps you saw all of your friends posting old or new family photos? What a fantastic viral marketing campaign!  Here is the story behind #nationalsiblingday on April 10, 2016.

Facebook Post ReachFrom Hubspot.com.  This article discusses the decline of organic Facebook reach and how businesses are turning to paid boosts, more selective posts and personalized fan marketing in order to stay relevant with their page followers.

Customizing Your Facebook Business Page:  From Hubspot.com. There are various tools on the Facebook page which are not well-known.  For example, creating a customized Facebook URL will help you promote your Facebook page outside of the digital world in a simpler manner.  Also, check your ‘call to action’ button on your page.  Hubspot.com explains how to maximize Facebook Page tools, helping your business widen it’s reach.

Should you Pay For Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ have introduced highly scale able, paid platforms for spreading the word about your small business.  Are these for you? Read more here.