8 Ideas To Include In 2016 Marketing Plans

8 Ideas To Include In 2016 Marketing Plans


Are you off to a busy start for the new year?  Is 2016 going to be your best year ever?

We are as optimistic as you.  Let’s make this year ‘the one’ to surpass your business goals. Show your team how you’re going full steam ahead with all of the ideas you have in your head but were too busy to implement or execute last year.

But first you need a plan.

What should the plan entail?

Here are the 8 goals to shoot for and how reach them with the 2016 technology/marketing tools available to you:

  1. Increase likes on my Facebook business page.
    Share your page with your Facebook friends.  Find Influencers on Facebook who will share your page within their network. An influencer is someone who has an active following and can move their followers to take action. Read more about Influencer Marketing here.
  2. Network like crazy on LinkedIn.
    Join groups, interact, add a blog on Pulse, ask questions in a post and follow up with responses and stay engaged.  The more engaged you become within LinkedIn (and any other social network), the wider you broaden your sphere of influence and connections.
  3. Get found on Google Search.
    If you haven’t done so, sign up for Google My Business.  It’s a newer platform (free) to crawl your business higher in Google Searches.
  4. Segment Your Business Email Newsletter
    Do you send one generic email newsletter to all of your clients, vendors and employees?  Each one of these market segments does not need the same information from a general email.  For example, you could send employees work anniversary announcements to make them feel important, send vendors business ideas and news articles in your industry and send your clients emails about your services and how you stand above the competition.
    Are there other email lists you should create?  Sure!  Think about who you come into contact with throughout your business day.
  5. Tweak your Mobile-Friendly Website.
    Last year was the time to become mobile-friendly.  Take a look at your mobile website and compare it with your competition.  What are they doing that you are not doing?  Is there an item from your wish-list you would like to add?  Call your web/mobile developer to see how your business website and mobile-friendly website may be improved.  If you are not sure about how mobile-friendly your site currently is, test it with this Google Tool.
  6. Search Your Business.
    Is your website search engine optimized?  Test it yourself!  Search for keywords which describe your business and your location.  i.e.  Are you a Realtor in Lansdale, PA.  Search for ‘Realtor in Lansdale, PA.’  Try other ways to search for the same thing.  For instance, using the Realtor example, search ‘buying a house in Lansdale, PA’ or ‘residential real estate Lansdale, PA.’
    If your business does not show up as one of the top 3 options, call your website builder (or call me!).
  7. Keep The Blog Current. 
    Look at your most recent blog posting.  Is it dated within the past 2-4 (and 4 weeks is way too long!) weeks?  How about the blog prior to that?
    It’s probably time to add a new blog.  If you cannot keep up with your blogging, it’s either the right moment to abandon the blog page altogether (delete the page) OR get help.  A writer or social media marketer will take care of blogging for you and/or help you create content.
  8. Add Video to your Posts and Website.
    Video and live streaming are the fads this year.  By not using video, you put your business at a disadvantage.  Take short 10-20 second clips of happenings around your company, including visitors utilizing your products, employees working hard and salespeople attending industry conferences.  Not only will your post views exponentially increase, your ‘cool’ factor will grow with it!

For more business marketing goals for 2016, contact cheryl@highkeyimpact.com.

Cheryl Friedenberg
President, www.highkeyimpact.com, High Key Impact LLC