Social media tips and tricks

Small Business Tips and Tricks When Posting Online

To the small business owner, the social media world may seem like a simple undertaking.  Post on our Business Facebook page here and there, update my LinkedIn profile and try my hand at Instagram.  Do this and that, read an article here and there and BOOM!—-my business will take off… all because I started a social media presence.

You probably realize my point already.  Social Media Marketing is not as easy as it may seem.

In order to have your posts seen and heard, first you need a following.  Then your posts need to be engaging. And finally, a call-to-action is the glue that binds it all together.

When jumping onto social media platforms, here are some tips and tricks to make your time more effective:

  1. Decide Which Platform Will Give You the Biggest Push

Is your business B2C or B2B?  What are you selling; a service or product?  Who is your audience and what is your message? Just because you use Facebook for your personal posts does not necessarily translate into the same for your business posts.  Research each social media platform, see where your competitors have a strong presence and adjust your game accordingly.

2.  Add Links, Photos and Videos

If you post a sentence about your product, service or industry, back up your statement with a link.  Standalone text posts sitting out on the social media world tend to get lost.  Add a link to your website or contact page.  Or link to an article you found on the web.

Photos are even more powerful than links when it comes to social media.  A picture may tell a story about your customers benefiting from your services, feature a staff member profile or simply showcase what your business is all about.

Finally, the icing on the cake is video.  Videos are the most likely post to be liked, shared and viewed.  Use video to showcase your product or service, feature a client testimonial or talk about your business and what makes it unique. There are several high-quality video apps available on your cellphone.  Shop around to see what works best.

3.  Timing is Everything

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat all have specified times of day and days of week when your post will reach the most views.  Research your social media platforms to find out the ultimate publishing schedule for your business.

4.  Seduce Your Followers
Think about what posts on social media platforms you would personally click before you post about your own business. When you publish on your own business pages, try not to give the entire point of your post away in your text. Build anticipation of what may be in the actual post so that users will click on your link or video.  Ask a question, give a hint and keep them guessing.  Generate suspense so that your followers will keep coming back to your posts for more!

5.  Need Help?
Professional Marketers are tuned-in to what it takes to succeed in digital marketing.  Hiring an expert consultant or an in-house staffer is the most effective path in creating a influential online presence.  Contact for a free 1-hour consultation.