Analytics Tracking

Start tracking your digital marketing spend to see your ROI with analytics tracking.

A variety of tools are available to measure how your social media, email campaigns, and paid ads are performing.  Google Analytics measures your website’s statistics so you can gauge how your SEO is stacking up.

Marketing analytics allows High Key Impact to focus on which platforms are performing well for your small business.   We can also pinpoint which platforms we need to adjust campaigns or skip altogether.

With Website analytics, you can see which pages are getting the most visitors, visitor demographics, where your visitors are clicking from, and more.

Social media analytics shows how your social media posts and campaigns are performing.  You can see engagement for each post to identify what is working well for your business.  This helps High Key Impact focus on specific marketing campaigns that work and bring you more sales.

Email marketing analytics measures how many opens, clicks and conversions are made within an email campaign.  It helps small business owners understand how their outgoing emails are working and ultimately bringing in sales.

Analytics with Paid advertising on Google, Facebook, and Instagram is another way to measure your ROI.

No matter what digital marketing facets your small business invests in, analytics tracking is available to guide and help you evaluate and measure results.

High Key Impact LLC provides you with the tools to do just that.

Contact us to discuss Digital Marketing Analytics Tracking for your small business.