too busy for marketing

Crazy, Hectic and No Time for Marketing!

Small business owners know how overwhelming their operations can be.

Perhaps the sales funnel is dry and administrative needs are taking over your  day-to-day functions.  Or clients are in need of a lot of TLC lately and your marketing gets pushed to the wayside.  Is it that your accountant is awaiting your P&L’s to get taxes together?

My advice:  Don’t let your marketing blitz fall apart!

Here are 5 EASY ways to fill your sales funnel this month:

Send a Quick Email to your clients asking for referrals, testimonials and online reviews.

Hop Onto LinkedIn and Connect to more friends and professionals as well as local business groups.  Post about what you do for a living every so often to remind others what your business is all about.  Approximately, 10% of your posts may be ‘sales’ related….the remainder should be industry focused.

Knock on a Few Doors at a local corporate park and hand out fliers (menus, product brochures or your business card).  Follow up with a friendly phone call  and potentially offer a freebie if there is any interest.  If one administrator in the building is a fan of your product or service, the word-of-mouth referrals may start funneling in.

Call 5-10 Existing Clients with whom you are most comfortable speaking with and ask for referrals. What can you offer them in return?  (It doesn’t necessarily need to be a financial reward..perhaps just a referral for their needs.)

Keep Up With Your Social Media Accounts with simple posts.  You can post a ‘Quote of the Day’, a ‘Slideshow’ of recent photos or all about an Employee of the month.  Don’t stop the posts to maintain your social media momentum!

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